Episode 6: Energetic Boundaries & Managing Intuition - with Damon Azali-Rojas

Is your heightened sensitivity a source of stress, anxiety or exhaustion? If so, it’s time to take ownership of your energy field. This is particularly critical if you’re in a helping profession or in a toxic work environment.

Managing your energy field is an act of power. Learning how to do this is essential for anyone who is intuitive, empathic or highly sensitive. Otherwise you will feel overrun by your environment and your intuitive gifts.

If you are ready to own your energetic space and take care of yourself energetically, listen in!

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Episode 4: Coaching for Transformation - with Linda Kwok

Coaching is a modality for growth and transformation. Coaching uses some techniques from therapy, but it’s more goal oriented and less pathological than therapy.

Working with a coach can renew your sense of freedom, power, passion and joy. More importantly perhaps, it’s fun! This is one of the least highlighted aspects about coaching. Working with a coach is an uplifting experience.

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Episode 2: Plant Remedies for Everyday Self Care - with Aya Natan

Nature provides medicine for every illness that the environment creates. To keep our bodies healthy, we need to receive and allow in the medicine that nature provides. And not only when we are ill, but also when we are well so our systems continue operating in the best possible way. It’s a form of self care to consistently give our bodies the benefit of what nature provides.

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Episode 1: Resistance Flexibility to Heal Your Body and Life – with Alex Nolte

Attending to your body is one way to manage your personal energy.

One resource that you can use to upgrade the state of your body and mind is resistance stretching.

Resistance stretching is more than casual stretching. It’s a healing modality, and not a superficial one. The results and regenerative effects are real and profound. It can also be used to enhance athletic performance with immediate effects.

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