Episode 2: Plant Remedies for Everyday Self Care - with Aya Natan

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Welcome to Episode 2!

This episode continues with a focus on the body and explores how we can use plant remedies as a supplement for health and wellness.

My guest is Aya Natan. Aya is a medicine woman and she’s created a line of high vibrational natural remedies, which are available online and locally in Costa Rica.

Aya was called into a connection with plants and their wisdom and followed that calling. Her work with plants is a soul purpose. She understands that plants hold healing essences. Aya extracts these healing essences and combines them in beneficial ways to create remedies that heal illness and support health and well-being. To learn more about her journey with plants, listen to our interview.

The guiding principle behind Aya’s work: “nature provides.” Nature provides medicine for every illness that the environment creates. To keep our bodies healthy, we need to receive and allow in the medicine that nature provides. And not only when we are ill, but also when we are well so our systems continue operating in the best possible way. It’s a form of self care to consistently give our bodies the benefit of what nature provides.

From Aya’s perspective, health is more than a diet and exercise regimen. Health is influenced by our thoughts and mindset. And it incorporates a relationship with nature. It’s a combination of many elements, not any one of them alone.

Aya teaches that plants offer their healing essences to us as a gift. And she acknowledges the importance of Western medicine and the gifts of the pharmaceutical world. In her view, we can bring these together.

Plant remedies allow us to tap into the healing power of nature. I love that I can reach for plant remedies - which carry actual life force energy - to nourish my vitality instead of coffee, sugar or other counterfeit energy. This supports my intention to take loving care of my body and keep it in good condition. Lifestyle, stress and overwork can deplete my physical reserves, so I supplement daily. And I love having a plant remedy on hand to facilitate and speed up healing when needed.

Aya is a true medicine woman and channel of ancient wisdom. She’s a powerful leader and influencer. Step into her world and discover how plant remedies are here to support you. Nature provides!

In this Episode

  • How Aya became a plant medicine woman working with medicinal plants [00:58]

  • Taking medicinal plants to support your system on a daily basis [07:00]

  • Being in wonder and coming back to a state of home with nature [10:10]

  • A healing miracle [10:52]

  • Honoring the pace of healing [13:32]

  • Gratitude as the foundation of health and what Aya does to start each day with self care [15:19]

Links from the Episode

  • Cura Sana - Aya’s online shop. Check out her beauty products, which make great gifts.

  • Connect on Instagram - Aya posts regularly here. Stay in touch to learn about her medicine making workshops (in person and online) and spiritual development retreats.

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