More "A-Ha" Moments

"Sheila, by far, has provided me with more feedback, support, and "a-ha" moments than any Ph.D. therapist I have seen in New York City. She is 110% present with me during my sessions and has such an effective means of guiding me toward resolution and growth. Sheila has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, and I have been able to reach a greater state of healing and clarity because of it. She is genuinely interested in my life and equally enthusiastic about my goals. Looking forward to my next session."

Victoria C., New York, NY  

Be Seen and Supported

"Sheila is a powerful coach with an ability to listen deeply and be fully present. I'm often struck by how she is able to provide the "just-right" support that I'm needing. She is intuitive and spiritual and at the same time grounded and sensible. Sheila's profound wisdom guides me through each session-- I'm often surprised by where we end up! I always leave feeling feel truly seen and supported."

Eloiza J., Montclair, NJ  

Get Clear on Your Purpose

“Before talking to Sheila, I lacked clarity around my purpose and excitement around my work. I own a small business. After just one session, I got in touch with a sense of purpose and was energized, motivated and clear about my next step. I felt lighter too. I would absolutely recommend her services.”

Felipe Wityk Sanchez, New York - President, WealthSpring Financial

Quick and Deep Insights

“I reached out for coaching because I was dissatisfied with my job, feeling purposeless and not putting forth my best effort. Through coaching, I discovered that my dissatisfaction about my job stemmed from subconsciously wanting freedom, but being afraid to explore that possibility. Now, instead of a vague sense of discontent, I focus on deeper understanding, which lessens anxiety.  I don't think I would have come to the insights I did, especially not as quickly, without Sheila’s support. I would recommend her services.  She related to my situation and that made me feel comfortable opening up.” 

Chris, New York - Financial Services

Shatter Limiting Beliefs and Step Forward 

"Working with Sheila was by far one of the most extraordinary and healing experiences of my life!   The thing that I want to say first about Sheila is that her heart is truly in this work.  She’s doing this because she really cares about helping others along their journey.  The fact that her heart is so powerfully aligned in this work is what has made a true difference in my life, with actual tangible changes that I feel so grateful for. 

Sheila’s energy is just so perfect for this work!  I always felt wrapped inside a safe net of unconditional love and sacred space for us to work in, and go deep into whatever issues were coming up for me.  Feeling safe is what allowed me to go so deep into the issues and help to shatter so many limiting beliefs!  The results have been amazing, as my life has been progressing steadily into taking more chances and making my dreams a priority.  This would not have been possible without Sheila challenging me each week to follow through on my goals.  For several sessions, Sheila asked me “When are you buying your plane ticket to India?”  I am so excited to share with you that it was because of working with Sheila that I took this big step very close to my heart’s vision.

If you are ready for real change and to begin to commit to loving yourself and creating more happiness in your life, you will love working with Sheila so much!  She is truly a beautiful soul with so much wisdom and loving qualities that make her an awesome life coach.  Thank you with all of my heart, Sheila!  You have made a huge impact in my life with the profound work you are doing!"  

Kelly C., Queenstown, MD  

Finding the Way to Inner Happiness

"In today's world it is easy for us to seek immediate answers to our problems through prescription drugs or other intoxicating substances which mask the root of our real issues never allowing us to know the real us and what our inner soul is searching for. Whether it's clarity you seek, problem solving or overall inner enlightenment, life coaching with Sheila is what will support you. In the months working with her, my view of the big picture in my life has come into focus. I have learned, through her visualization exercise and personal insight into who I really am, what my inner self is longing for to reach inner peace and happiness. Both my personal and professional life have prospered since working with Sheila and life's stresses have become trivial when in tune to your true beliefs and desires. Highly recommended to women and men of all ages and backgrounds seeking purpose, peace, and above all inner happiness."

Craig N., Norwalk, CT