If you're reading this, you've probably held positions of seniority or leadership in the past.  Even when most of the time, you were not clear on what you really wanted to do professionally.  You've been driven by a desire to be self sufficient and to see for yourself what you were capable of doing.  And the dark side of that is that you get overworked and out of balance because you're so intensely focused.  And it's hard to find the right support because people don't get you or can't keep up with you.  If that's you, read on.

What I do is what I believe.  And what I believe is that you are the leader of your own life and you have a purpose and a path that's all your own.

My name is Sheila and I have a track record of success as an attorney.  I stepped out of my position as Counsel at an international law firm in NYC to take on a new challenge and to fulfill a calling.  I'm an expert in being true to yourself and following your inner wisdom to become all you can be.  If you're ready to follow your instincts and go beyond your limits in work or in life, we should have a conversation.