Episode 1: Resistance Flexibility to Heal Your Body and Life – with Alex Nolte

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This episode is the first in a mini-series on ENERGY. In this mini-series, I’ll be introducing you to some new resources to support your well-being and personal energy. The better you manage your personal energy, the more effectively and powerfully you lead.

Attending to your body is one way to manage your personal energy. When my body is charged and feels good, I feel more powerful and confident.

One resource that you can use to upgrade the state of your body and mind is resistance stretching. This form of stretching focuses on fascia, which surrounds your muscles. It uses tension to stretch muscles instead of what we typically do, which is extend out through our tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. Resistance stretching is more than casual stretching. It’s a healing modality, and not a superficial one. The results and regenerative effects are real and profound. It can also be used to enhance athletic performance with immediate effects. Bob Cooley developed a system around resistance stretching at The Genius of Flexibility. His personal story - a resurrection one to me - is very compelling. For anyone drawn to depth, this is a system you would enjoy learning.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Alex Nolte, an Elite Trainer with The Genius of Flexibility. I met Alex when I took their Level I Certification Training. He made a strong impression on me both as an effective teacher and leader. He shines brightly in this work, and to me, is born to do it. Alex inspires me. Listen to our interview to learn more about resistance flexibility and how it can heal your body and your life!

In this Episode

  • What is resistance flexibility training and stretching through dense fascia instead of through your joints [00:45]

  • What is fascia and what happens when it’s not pliable [05:04]

  • Benefits of assisted stretching and integration with Chinese medicine [08:44]

  • Effectiveness in avoiding back surgery for herniated discs and in lung cancer remission [13:00]

  • Mental, emotional and physical impact of resistance flexibility on Alex as a competitive athlete with multiple concussions [15:41]

  • How to get started [19:18]

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