Episode 4: Coaching for Transformation - with Linda Kwok

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It’s my joy to bring you this week’s episode!

I’m speaking with Linda Kwok, a holistic leadership coach. As a coach, Linda helps high performing professionals transform whatever holds them back professionally or personally. She’s a great match for high performers because she is one.

Linda began her career in finance after graduating from NYU Stern School of Business. Over the years, she’s worked meaningfully across a variety of industries: hospitality, retail, medicine, insurance, technology, creative arts, non-profit management and education.  She’s also an attentive and engaged mom and member of her community.

Linda knows that there is more to us than our brilliant, thinking minds. She helps clients integrate the intelligence of their minds with that of their bodies, hearts and spirit. We like to think our way out of problems and challenges. However, this limits us. Linda’s approach gets you out of your own head so you can access all the power that’s available to you. To facilitate this process, she integrates into her coaching other supportive modalities, like reiki and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

By taking a holistic approach, Linda creates an opportunity for clients to bring themselves and their lives fully into the session. As she points out in the interview, work life affects home life and vice versa. Linda honors the interrelatedness of our lives and all parts of who we are. This allows her to uncover what’s really holding a client back.

Coaching is a modality for growth and transformation. Coaching uses some techniques from therapy, but it’s more goal oriented and less pathological than therapy. Through coaching, Linda confronted her inner critic, explored why she felt unhappy in spite of success and began to live more fully as her true, authentic self.

You may be wondering how coaching fits into a series about your personal energy. Working with a coach can renew your sense of freedom, power, passion and joy. More importantly perhaps, it’s fun! This is one of the least highlighted aspects about coaching. Working with a coach is an uplifting experience. I work with more than one coach and they feel like my best friends. I leave our calls feeling more clear, free, positive, connected and ready for action. Transformation can be fun!

With coaching, you can accomplish more, and faster, and feel better too. What could you do with a great coach by your side?

In this Episode

  • Being unfulfilled by the perfect life, feeling stuck and stepping into coaching [01:13]

  • Skepticism about coaching [03:21]

  • Linda’s mantra and role as a coach [04:18]

  • Her approach with high performers who feel unfulfilled by their achievements [5:55]

  • The difference between coaching and therapy [11:02]

  • A holistic coaching approach that honors the whole person (mind, body, spirit) and the interrelatedness of all areas of life [12:12]

  • The energy fit between coach and client [16:10]

  • How to find a great coach [19:00]

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