Episode 6: Energetic Boundaries & Managing Intuition - with Damon Azali-Rojas

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Welcome to the final episode of this mini-series!

In this episode, we’re exploring our energetic boundaries and intuitive sensitivity. Damon Azali-Rojas returns as my guest. Damon is a trained community organizer, coach trainer and professional coach. He’s also an instructor for the InnerLight Method. The InnerLight Method helps intuitive, empathic and highly sensitive children and adults function normally in the world.

Damon came to the InnerLight Method seeking support for his son. His son was bloated in the belly and gaining weight for no apparent reason. Damon learned that his son’s body was responding to a nervous system overload. As a sensitive child (and one with special needs), his energy field was particularly open and more stimuli was coming through than he had the awareness or ability to manage. His body responded to this energetic imbalance through weight gain. It was not an exercise or diet issue.

We all receive and pick up information through our senses. This sensory information is processed through our nervous system. Our nervous system can get overloaded with input. When that happens, we can experience a mood shift, anxiety, exhaustion, stomach issues or other physical symptoms.

If you are intuitive, your nervous system is more susceptible to overload. That’s because, as an intuitive person, you experience one or more of your senses at an amplified level. So your nervous system is processing a larger amount of stimuli. To manage your energy better, it helps to recognize your sensitivity and know which intuitive pathway is your primary one. There are six main ones: visual, auditory, mental, kinesthetic, gustatory and olfactory.

You can control how much sensory information comes through your system. You do this by setting an energetic boundary. Damon shares one way to do this using the three doors exercise (also on page 113 of Dr. Niki Elliott’s book).

Setting energetic boundaries has transformed Damon’s work life. Damon facilitates group trainings through Coaching for Transformation and in prisons with Coaching for Healing and Nonviolence. Learning to set energetic boundaries has enabled him to be sustainable in his work. He needs less downtime after leading groups and is no longer getting burned out. As he shares in the interview, he sets a boundary that allows him to be connected and available to students without absorbing their emotional energy.

Is your heightened sensitivity a source of stress, anxiety or exhaustion?

If so, it’s time to take ownership of your energy field. This is particularly critical if you’re in a helping profession or in a toxic work environment. (You may want to try an InnerLight Method session to balance your energy as well.)

Managing your energy field is an act of power. Learning how to do this is essential for anyone who is intuitive, empathic or highly sensitive. Otherwise you will feel overrun by your environment and your intuitive gifts.

If you are ready to own your energetic space and take care of yourself energetically, listen in!

In this Episode

  • The InnerLight Method and how it helped Damon’s son [01:23]

  • Highly sensitive children come from highly sensitive parents [04:10]

  • Books to help you understand your own energy [05:44]

  • Your energetic body and using the three doors exercise to set your energetic boundaries [08:15]

  • Setting your energetic field to the vibration of love, joy, peace or enlightenment [12:49]

  • David Hawkins’ levels of consciousness [14:07]

  • Six primary intuitive pathways and learning your intuitive vocabulary [16:44]

  • Using applied kinesiology to test which foods are best for your body [18:55]

  • How diet can be used to enhance or suppress intuitive information [22:22]

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