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High Performance / Rest & Recovery

Coaching for attorneys and other professionals seeking to bring forth their highest level of performance. Breakthroughs in your inner game so you can thrive in your other one.

Live a life that inspires you on a personal and professional level.  Bring forth your fullest potential and expression.  To support you as a leader of your life.

You have an instinct to do something big

To support you in bringing forth your full potential and expression.  My coaching addresses both aspects of high performance - action and rest and recovery. 

For those in a high performance state, coaching serves to bring balance.  Giving you an opportunity to get back in touch with your essential self and what's important to you so you can take action aligned with that.  Conversations are intimate, authentic and connected.  A break from having to bring your A-game so you can continue to bring your A-game.  It's also an opportunity to explore other aspects of life that can get sidelined while we are showing up powerfully for others.  It's a space for renewal and re-discovering clarity. 

For others, coaching is a space to take you to your next edge or explore what is keeping you from bringing your highest level of performance.  This could be personal or professional issues that interfere with performance.  

My style of coaching brings you into balance so you can stay in flow.  While you may not have work/life balance, you can bring a balanced version of yourself to your work and life.

Coaching is not about modeling yourself after the coach.  I'm here to support you in leading authentically as yourself and doing things in your unique way and according to what you value.  Coaching is not a follow the leader approach.  Rather, it celebrates your uniqueness and individuality. Coaching is a modality that celebrates your individuality and empowers you to make the contribution that is uniquely yours to make in the world.

Sessions are your sanctuary space - to get reconnected, clear, recharged and ready to move forward.

Being true to yourself, even when others don’t understand you.

I would like to be on your team.

Like being on a mountaintop - up high, simplicity of everything; everything is perfect and there’s no need to do anything. No need to push.

Keep yourself in balance. Life pulls us in many directions. We get caught up in the work and the drama of life. Coaching brings you back to center and brings you home to yourself. From there, you have all your power back to move forward effectively in the direction of your choosing.

  • Habitual distraction

  • Time management

  • Explore and take on a new style in your leadership (ex: less tightly wound, micro-managing, detail oriented, inefficiencies)

  • There are areas where you can stretch.

  • Always need to have your shit together and hiding behind the curtain - fear of your own greatness.

  • You’re someone who plays at the edge and pushes things forward.

  • Lizard brain in charge.

  • Body care as an aspect of performance.

  • Boundaries and making yourself a priority.

  • Process interpersonal workplace drama so you can bring forward your full capacity as leader, undiminished by the conflict

  • When you know what you need to do and need accountability to support you in staying in action.

  • Bring awareness to your mind, beliefs, perceptions and insecurities and stop functioning on autopilot.

  • Support for being more disciplined with new projects, yoga/meditation/self care.

  • Second guessing yourself.

  • Free to share things, organize thoughts and look at what’s in front. Can’t afford to get stuck, so here there’s a space to process instead of throw a tantrum.

  • When the many roles and relationships of your life are altogether dizzying.

  • Burnt out

  • Leading others to break out of old patterns

  • Enjoy being surrounded by people and places that embody creativity.

  • Lonely or sad in business and you’re unable to instantly share things w/your intimate partner - holding back. Lonely in entrepreneurship.

  • You don’t like being told what to do.

  • Managing nerves when you take big risks in professional self expression and step into confidence.

  • Reinvent yourself.

  • When you need space to BE. When it doesn’t serve you to be in another action oriented space.

  • Don’t have someone to share with. And you want to do things your way, not your family’s way.

I work with these clients. Many of them are influencers.

What CLients have Achieved

  • Project management.

  • Content creation for workshop, teaching and marketing. (Faster when someone can help you elicit the material from within.)

  • Strategy.

  • Peace, joy, clarity.

  • Resolve and move through organizational or work related conflicts.

  • Create efficiency in operations.

  • Release urgency around “figuring it out” and step into a new level of self trust.

  • Self trust.

  • Self discipline in creating a rest stop for herself where she can pause and reflect to avoid burnout. Create a monthly ritual for herself. Carving out this space for herself.

  • Ritual of disconnecting completely and disengaging from the inner critic, which allows her to feel safe and to simply be. A retreat from the inner critic.

  • Create space where she is being available for herself and not for others.

  • Purpose.

  • Navigate challenging work relationships.

  • Step into greater authenticity in their work.

  • Create rituals to remain tapped into their inner resource.

  • Coming to clarity and sharing honestly with business partners or managers to set boundaries and expectations, when fear was holding her back.

  • Using body awareness to support leadership of their practice, instead of forgetting the body. Creating routine and discipline around it.

  • Self discipline, self care, self trust.

  • Stop self neglect, self sabotage, anxiety and worry.

We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.
— Marianne Williamson

LET’s Team up

If you are ready to step into your highest potential and leverage your unique talents and gifts for exceptional results in work and life, please schedule a complementary consultation.  We'll get to know each other and talk about your goals.  I can also provide an overview of my offerings.  I look forward to speaking with you!