What is coaching?   

Coaching is a process that accelerates your growth.  As your life coach, I work with you to create changes in your life.

How can coaching help me?

Coaching can help you live the life you've always wanted.  It can support you in experiencing life fully, trusting in its basic goodness and opening to new possibilities.  

Coaching is not about fixing you.  You’re not broken.  We're working together to celebrate your life and realize your dreams.  As your dreams sprout and grow, you find more joy and light in life.  You discover that you are who you dream of being.  I am by your side through this process, supporting you in fully stepping into your power

What do we talk about?

We talk about what is growing in the garden of your life and what you wish to plant in there.  We talk about the changes you long for and how you will make them.  We talk about things that matter.  Many of my clients long to express themselves in a meaningful way in the world.  They have a vision – a book they want to write, a calling they are ready to step into or a destiny they are seeking to discover.  Sometimes they have not yet acknowledged their dream or shared it with anyone.   I create a safe, supportive space for you to bring your dreams forward.  

What is unique about your style of coaching?

My style of coaching is holistic.  We honor and explore the wisdom of your mind, body, spirit and heart.  

What is my role in this process?

You are the gardner.  For your garden to flourish, you'll need to make choices and take action in your life.  You will need to show up, be present and committed in each session.  As your coach, I will be by your side with faith in what has not yet bloomed for you and support you in deepening awareness for inspired action.  You will not be working alone.  You will have someone to share your thoughts, feelings, worries and aspirations with.  You will have someone to check in with, who will be taking a stand for you and your dreams. 

Would we be a good fit?

We could be a dream team if:

  • You're ready to live on your own terms.
  • You want more passion and joy in your life.
  • You're ready to expand, express and be seen.
  • You take risks
  • The idea of working with a life coach excites you.
  • Synchronicity inspires you.  

You can learn more about coaching by scheduling a consultation.  We'll discuss your goals and the range of my offerings. Let's connect!   


Bedford has helped accomplish over 200 of its partners’ major conservation goals. They inspire everyone to care for the planet.
— John Smith, Nature Conservancy Magazine

What We've Achieved

  • Work with intuitive entrepreneurs and coaches to create workshops and launch their businesses.
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