For your life outside of work.

My Mission

Improve aspect of performance, satisfaction or experience in your personal life. [Executive coaching focuses on various aspects of your professional performance.]

Coaching is time dedicated to working on yourself. Not simply offloading, but getting practical, setting goals and being proactive. Nothing needs to be wrong - this is about taking your life, or an aspect of it, to the next level. You may not even be sure what needs to change or what you want to have different. Please contact me to start exploring what’s possible.

This is dedicated time just for you. You can go deep, if you want. Bring together all parts of your life that you are generally private about. It’s a space to get present and to be, and not do. Get into awareness from which action naturally flows.

We get fully focused on work and need to take our life back. It’s great to have a single pointed focus for work, but it helps to have support to manage the stress and to create results in other life areas that are important and that we also want to be operating at a high and satisfying level. This includes health and relationships and emotional wellbeing and upliftment. Includes accountability and create a plan for bringing what you want into form.

When you want to show up in all areas of your life as best you can. And you feel deep down that there’s something more to life.

  • Being your best self for your partner and children. Bringing the best possible version of yourself to your home life, and not just your work life.

  • More present to your partner and kids.

  • Free to be the gift that you are.

  • Relationships, family, health and wellness, spiritual growth and exploration.

  • Authentic in who you are, but can get bogged down by arguments, distractions. Being your true self.

  • Work bound - too responsive, drudgery of paperwork and emails and maintaining certifications. On your phone too much.

  • Physical goals - exercise. You know what to do, but you’re not doing it.

  • Meditation practice.

  • Clarity and intentions for the future, including cultivating deeper relationships.

  • Completion with past relationships and situations that are holding you back - unpack and clear issues that linger from relationships with former partners, bosses, etc.

  • Boundaries

  • To look at blind spots.

  • To process what remains unresolved in previous work or personal relationships.

  • Get clear on who you are and not taking on other people’s view and accolades. Deciding things for yourself.

  • Be present to yourself in a deep - tuning into your body, moving into stillness/silence. Allowing space for the spectrum and range of your experience. Drop into physical experience and into deeper embodiment for self connection and to receive body wisdom.

  • Letting go of control and softening in relationships and allowing the other to step up.

  • Reconnect with self to hear deeper desires beyond mental noise.

  • Support for a transition in life and to create what’s next.

  • Stop sacrificing your own needs for others.

  • When intimate relationships are draining you

Sessions are your sanctuary space - to get reconnected, clear, recharged and ready to move forward. This is where you get to come home to yourself. Giving yourself the time and space to decide things for yourself.

Please inquire about my new program, The Essentials Program.  Useful when you are overworked with no time to rest and you want to continue to bringing your best and moving forward, especially with life outside of work.  Plug you back into your power.

Benefits of Coaching

An independent study conducted by PwC found the following:

  • 70% of clients saw an improvement in their work performance

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
— Lao Tzu

What CLients have Achieved

  • Met new life partners.

  • Find new, romantic partnerships.

  • Peace, joy, clarity.

  • Stop putting their partner first and check in with herself and be more grounded within herself.

  • Release anger and resentment.

  • Recognizing that who you are being is all that matters.

  • Retire old stories.

  • Authentic communication and relating in relationships; enhanced relating. (ex: Lee)

  • Authentic interactions with family.

  • Reconciliation with estranged groups.

  • Embracing tenderness and softness in relationship to partner and children and releasing control and worry.

  • More present to family by creating limits around cell phone use.

  • Be strengthened by being heard and through discovery of new awareness.

  • Purpose.

  • Explore inner masculine/feminine dynamics.

  • Move out of the intellectual and the informational realm and into a way of being that is body based and experiential.

  • Creating structures that nourish and support.

  • New sense of empowerment through closure/completion in relationships.

  • New perspectives.

  • Honoring the feelings and wisdom that come through the body.

  • Overcome fear of speaking out and initiating book writing and other creative projects.

  • Discover dreams.

  • Make your own choices and not letting people make choices for you or be influenced by them.